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Miranda (1997), the little-known sequel to hit children’s film Matilda (1996).

Release Date:
2 August 1997 (USA)

Comedy | Family | Fantasy

Miranda’s family is extraordinary. She… isn’t.

The story of a remarkably bland, plain girl born to telekinetic genius parents. Six-year-old Miranda Silkwood knows she is different. She can only count to eleventeen. She wears Velcro sneakers because her failed attempts at tying knots are frustrating and upsetting. She has to actually reach for the remote to change the channel instead of willing it towards her with the force of her own mind, like her parents can. Mr. and Mrs. Silkwood, using complex mathematical equations and advanced philosophical texts (that they read suspended in mid-air), try really, really hard to love her anyway.

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  • Pitched by first-time writer/director Rory O’Shea as “Dumbass Matilda.”
  • When the budget ran out in the middle of shooting, O’Shea backed the film with his personal funds (earned from a slip-and-fall lawsuit settled out of court in 1993).
  • Over 6,000 little girls auditioned for the eponymous Miranda.
  • 10-year-old Amanda Goldfond from Patterson, New Jersey was chosen when her vacant eyes and mouth breathing caught the eye of the casting director.
  • (2007) O’Shea is the writer/director of HBO drama Dead Man Drinking.
  • (2008) Amanda Goldfond currently attends Brookside Community College. 
  • (2009) Amanda Goldfond recently played the role of “Waitress” on the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 9 episode “Gutted”

Memorable quotes from Miranda:

Narrator: Some of us are less special than others. Miranda Silkwood, for example.

Miranda Silkwood: How do you spell “genius?”

Mr. Silkwood: G-E-N-I-U-S.

Miranda Silkwood: What does it mean?

Mr. Silkwood: Me and your mother.

Miranda Silkwood: What about me?

Mr. Silkwood: N-O-T.

Mrs. Sourdough: Your parents enrolled you in my calculus class, but do you really think you should be here, Miranda?
Miranda Silkwood: Lookit! My dress has a pony… on my dress.

[recurring line]
Ms. Silkwood: You’re average, but we love you anyway.